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Enabling Technologies

We are experts in a wide array of enabling technologies, such as bar codes, smart cards, RFID, and handwriting capture. Our name, HM Wizard, comes from the fact that we are able to put together these disparate technologies, providing seamless soultions that, to you, will work like magic.

Bar Codes
Bar codes have been in use now for over 40 years. They still are an easy and simple solution for identifying and tracking items over time. We use barcodes to follow your current paper trail, or to present simple interfaces for operators on the shop floor.

Contactless Smart Cards
Many companies use smart cards as their employee identification cards. Also, smart cards can be embedded in an unfinished product or attached to un-assembled parts. Smart card readers can be embedded in work tables or other strategic places to make product identification effortless.

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a  promising technology that has been steadily growing over the years. Analysts believe that systems designed with this technology will eventually replace bar codes as the premier inventory and merchandise tracking system. RFID tags are small and very cheap. They can be attached to any kind of item, and can be read from a fair dstance.

Handwriting Capture
Paper and pen have been in use for millenia. Our proprietary software brings this technology into the new millenium. We now have the ablility to integrate this technology directly into existing systems, no need to retrain employees, no downtime; just immediate results.

SCADA software (Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition) is a tool that can read data directly from automated machines or other attached devices. The resulting data can be stored in a database and used for making reports. Also, human operators at remote stations can control programmable aspects of a machine's operation.